CMS OpenCart is one of the most popular content management systems.
Absolutely free, open source and flexible in settings

As your site develops, it may often be necessary to make improvements: for example, improve the mobile version, add a feedback form or a quick order form. If you need to expand the functionality of your site powered by OpenCart, repair, customize or add something, then you have come to the right place. There is a resource here for completing tasks of any complexity, if they relate to your site on OpenCart :)

All you need to do is leave a request with your wishes by e-mail.

Order works on your site on CMS OpenCart, right now!

The list of services and the scope of work varies depending on the scale of the project and the wishes of the customer.

  • Installing and configuring modules.
~ 50$
Improvement of the functionality
  • Refinement of sites running on the OpenCart system. Expansion of functionality.
~ 120$
Audit and Troubleshooting
  • Website diagnostics. Troubleshooting, fix errors in the system logs.
~ 80$